Pre-Design Analysis

We get an architectural survey to determine the possibilities of the site. We also get a soil and geology report in most cases. These reports determine the depth and type of foundation necessary. (These are reports done by others, arranged by our office.) We will review the site with the city or county to determine code requirements in the areas of fire prevention, engineering, planning, building, and zoning. We do sun path, wind, and other site studies on site.

Site Survey

The survey provides information on the location of property lines, right of ways, topography, and built element footprints. It is based on measurements taken on the site and written information located in the house title report and legal description. This information is used to develop drainage analysis, apply required setbacks, analyze and bid foundation work and generally design in relation to the site.

Preliminary Design

Preliminary Design

Preliminary design involves developing options for you to review. This begins a discussion on the look of the house, its function, and its orientation. You approve a rough design consisting of floor plans, sections, and elevations before we proceed. This is the phase where your abstract dreams evolve into an actual building design.

Design Development

Design Development

Once the preliminary design has been completed, we start choosing materials, begin dimensioned working drawings on the computer, and introduce the project to the structural engineer. You will get a real feel for the size, shape, and volume of the project and we will able to get a more accurate cost analysis done during this phase.

Construction Documents

Construction Documents

Construction documents are the documents the contractor actually bids and builds from and the city uses to issue the building permit. Construction documents include all the plans and details necessary to build the project, including architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical sets, plus specifications as to what materials to use. The architect combines these drawings and prepares them for the owner, builder, and city.

Bidding Sheet

Construction Bidding and Permit Phase

The architect obtains city or county approvals in this phase. The construction documents are sent to the contractors for bidding or to the specific contractor if one has been agreed on ahead of time.

Review Drawing

Construction Review

In the course of construction, the architect visits the job site to ensure the contractor implements the intent of the construction documents. The architect serves to clarify issues arising between the contractor and owner. The architect supplies any additional details or information needed by the contractor to complete the project.